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Rushing Waters Fisheries

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We are devoted to raising premium quality Rainbow Trout using all-natural, ecologically responsible aquaculture practices. Our beautiful farm provides a pristine, yet easily accessible, setting for groups and families to gather.

In addition to raising premium quality trout, Rushing Waters has an FDA/HACCP-certified production facility that is run by a passionate team of local residents. Their pledge for quality has inspired a delicious line of value-added seafood products that include hot smoked fish, spreads, crab cakes and salmon burgers.

Rushing Waters Fisheries a Pond and Willow Tree

Our smoked fish is smoked to perfection using old world recipes and state-of-the-art special ovens, all fired with northern hardwoods. The delicious aroma and flavor come without chemicals or artificial preservatives. Available year-round at select retail locations, our Farm Store, or shipped to you directly! Come relax, learn and enjoy all that Rushing Waters Fisheries has to offer. We saved you a seat.


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12,000 years ago a glacier came through and left behind a wonderfully wild area dotted with hills, valleys, lakes, and streams. The “kettles” are an amazing recreation area, and many outdoor enthusiasts choose to call it home. Here, Rushing Waters has been raising trout since the 1940s, when they sold and bartered trout at Navy Pier in Chicago during WWII.

In 1994, Wisconsin entrepreneur Bill Graham purchased Rushing Waters and later hired limnologist Peter Fritsch, and together they made a “Quality not Quantity” commitment. This commitment has become the guiding light for everything we do. Trout are raised in crisp, clear 50° outdoor natural spring water ponds, and are fed an all-natural, chemical-free, hormone-free diet. Our fish are raised in an ecosystem that closely mimics a trout’s native habitat, allowing us to raise the highest quality rainbow trout available on the market today.

Rushing Waters Fisheries Pond during Winter