How It Works

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Rushing Waters Fisheries raises beautiful rainbow trout in 56 natural ponds, and the biggest fellas end up in our fishing pond!

Fishing is open year-round. Yep, winter too because our spring fed ponds stay around 50 degrees all the time. We provide poles, bait, buckets and no license required. When you arrive, come to the Farm Store to check in and pick up your equipment. A short walk gets you to the fishing pond where the action begins!

Woman and kid fishing at Rushing Waters

Fish Prep Options

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After fishing, bring your catch back to the store and one of our experts will prepare your fish for the ride home. Spring, summer and fall you can choose to either clean your own fish (Self Clean) or have us dress and fillet your fish for you (House Clean). See below for current rates.


Your fish are weighed live before cleaning. You can either SELF CLEAN, take them home as-is to clean yourself, or HOUSE CLEAN where one of our experts will either head off dress or fillet your trout for you. All are packed on ice for the trip home.

SELF CLEAN = $8.50 / lb.

HOUSE CLEAN = $9.50 / lb.
Your choice of Head Off Dressed or Filleted.


We are open all year! Watch the weather and consider joining the “I Caught a Trout Every Month Club”!

  • Monday – Friday: 9 am – 4 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm


  • You must keep what you catch. No release.
  • You must use our rods, reels and bait.
  • No carry in food or beverages. Check out our store for snacks. We’ll even lend you a cooler to keep your beverages icy cold!
  • No pets on the farm, please.
  • No sad faces!


When you’re fishing you’ll occasionally see a light colored trout swim by. No they aren’t albinos, they’re Golden Rainbows. Still the same delicious rainbow trout, just a different strain.

Peaceful Atmosphere

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You’ll love coming to our 80 acre farm to relax and get back to nature. Families and friends make memories. You’ll cherish the experience of your kids landing their first trout and telling stories of the one that got away.

Fishing Hall of Fame

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Enjoy some of the fun moments captured by visitors to Rushing Waters Fisheries! At the bottom of the gallery, you’ll find a link to submit your photo for a chance to be posted on this page. We look forward to meeting you!